It's almost done!!!
I'm so excited! It fits a queen size bed (just the top), and of the four skeins left, I have only one more to go until I can start working on the border. I plan to crochet at least two rows all the way around the blanket, then add a decorative edge - maybe! 

There are 20+ skeins in this work of art, and much like getting close to finishing a quilt, I've put so much time into it, I'm wanting to both hurry and finish it, and take my time to do it right.
So when I get to that next step, I'll re-evaluate, and post what'll come next!

My collection of crochet hooks! I love to crochet, and found a great way to keep all of them organized. Much like a crayon roll for kids on the go, this is the best way I've found to keep all of my hooks at hand! I like to keep a few of each size, but sharing with upcoming crocheting granddaughters slimmed down a few sizes.
Stripey Blanket

This pattern was one I found on pinterest, and I loved the idea. Each row (or two or three) is a different color, and decorative stitches are thrown in along the way. As a throw blanket, it's fun and the perfect size, and the color choices are endless. Visit here and here to see the post.
I would make this blanket again, because it goes quickly, and I love double crochet!

Flower Afghan 
A pattern I came across that had the white flower edged with green, and then a pastel color as the border. I added, for my own design, another row of white, and a narrow row of that same pastel color. Then I added a few more rows of white to make the squares larger.
All of the stitches are double crochet, except for that narrow row of pastel, which is single crochet.
Also, I used a size H hook for all the rows, except for the white edging, which I used a G hook.
The flowers are a bit looser in the center, but the white border pulls it all in tighter, so it holds together better.
A scalloped edge was crocheted along the edge as the final stitch. And of all the scalloped edges I've crocheted, I like this one best: one stitch of the scallop per space on the blanket.

Another version of a cute kitchen necessity! A larger braid on this dish soap apron is the icing on the cake, along with the lace and bows! The elastic band across the back holds the apron in place on the container. This is a must-have for your kitchen counter!
Perfect for gift giving!  $9.00

What a fun way to keep your scissors safe and also keep some pins handy!
Made of felt, this scissors cover is light and easy to carry with your sewing supplies. Great for gift giving, Mother's Day, and just to dress up your sewing table!  $5.00

Three lavender buttons add a classy touch to this vintage scissors cover. Perfect for keeping with your sewing and crafting supplies. Pins can be stored in the toe of the boot. Made of felt, this item is ready for your next project!  $5.00